Ways To Maintain Your Home And Prevent Losses

Here are a few maintenance tips you might want to add to your Honey-Do list:

  • Caulking - helps to prevent mold and water damage

  • Dryer - Lint Traps and Exhaust Ducts - prevents dryer fires

  • Inspect & Repair Roof

  • Test & clean the sump pump and pit - helps safeguard against basement and crawl space flooding

  • Inspect & clean chimneys yearly

  • Clean & maintain gutters and downspouts which can cause damage to your foundation

  • Check for termites yearly

  • Regularly maintain pipes & plumbing - burst pipes can send water throughout your home

  • Inspect your deck

Performing these maintenance tips can help you mitigate the risks to your home which can result is thousands of dollars of damage.

Source: Property Casualty 360