Start The New Year With Safety Checks

As we start the new year, it is a great time to check the following devices to insure they are in top working order.

Fire Extinguishers Make sure the pin is intact and tamper seal is unbroken. Confirm the pressure gauge or indicator is in the operable range or position, make sure the extinguisher is full.

Fire Alarm/Co2 Test your alarms and replace batteries

Dryer - Lint Clean the duct out to the exterior wall to eliminate potential risk of fire. Ongoing, empty out your lint filter after each use

Tamper Resistant Receptacles Small Children - Install Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Ground Fault Interrupters Install interrupters in kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms and garage

Appliances Replace Appliances with worn, frayed, or damaged cords

Start the new year off right by putting these safety checks in place.